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Week 9 – 12th December 2019

Term 4  Mon 14th Oct – Wed 18th Dec

Important Dates
12- Prizegiving Yr 0-6 – 6.00pm – 7.00pm
13 – Leavers Lunch – 12.00pm
18 – End of Term 4 – School closed at 12 (mid-day)

February 2020
3 – Start of Term 1

Term Dates 2020
Term 1 Mon 3rd Feb – Thurs 9th April
Term 2 Tues 28th April – Fri 3rd July
Term 3 Mon 20th July – Fri 25th Sept
Term 4 Mon 12th Oct – Mon 14th Dec (mid-day) – TBC

Dear parents

This is the final newsletter of the year. We have had a great year with a focus on accelerated learning in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. We have trialed a new inquiry model and this has proved very successful. The majority of students achieve at or above the expected level with an increasing number of students achieving above as they move on up the school.

End of year Reports go out to parents on Monday 16th December. Below is an explanation of attendance comments and Effort grades. 

Attendance for end of year reports

Excellent  0-12 half days (6 days or less absence – one week + day)

Very Good  13-20 half days (10 days or less absence – 2 weeks)

Satisfactory 21-40 half days (20 days or less absence – 4 weeks)

Unsatisfactory 41 plus half days (more than 20 days absence – 4 weeks+)

These days include days sick and days spent on holiday or at events not related to school. 


A – Excellent – this means students must be consistently doing more than expected. Excellence means ‘the quality of being outstanding’. It is given with due consideration to ability and attitude. An A for effort is not given unless the child meets this criteria. 

B – Satisfactory – this means the student is doing everything that is expected and puts in a good amount of effort to ensure success. The student usually, though not at all times,  tries hard to meet expectation.

C – More effort needed –  The student is reluctant to complete learning tasks and often avoids learning opportunities.

PROPERTY – This year the hall kitchen was upgraded.  It has been well used and works well. The staffroom was also upgraded. Next year the Board of Trustees is using the Ministry property funding supplemented by donations from the Dairy Flat Community Trust and our PTA to upgrade Rooms 6-7, upgrade the hall bathrooms – including installing showers, and upgrading the central school toilets. We have been allocated an additional $200,000 and will be meeting with the Ministry of Education to make a plan for the use of this funding. The Board of Trustees will consult with the parent community to plan projects for the use of these funds. 


Sadly, at this time of year we say good-bye to some of our staff who are leaving. 

Lauren Vaughan – Lauren has been part of the LZ4 team, teaching students in year one for the past two years. She has been an outstanding young teacher and we will greatly miss her enthusiasm, passion for performance arts and initiative. She has been a very valued member of staff. We wish her well as she heads overseas to continue her career.

Clarisse Harman – Clarisse has been part of the LZ2 team, teaching students in years 3-5 this year. Clarisse has been an excellent teacher who has contributed her creative talents, dedication to teaching and learning, all round sense of fun and empathy to her work. She has been a valued member of staff. We wish her well as she heads overseas and returns to a different part of New Zealand. 

Gina Nel – Gina has been part of our staff for five years. She is a teacher aide who has supported a student during this time. Gina has contributed to every classroom she has worked in. We will miss her as she moves to another school to continue her career. 

Anna Harris – Anna joined our staff in term three to open a new entrant class in Room 5. She is passionate about ‘learning through play’ and has easily fitted into our teaching team. We wish her well as she moves to another position. 

Sadly, we also say good-bye to our year six students and some of their families. We have loved having you all as part of our school community. We wish to thank you for your contributions to our school and wish you well for your future. 

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Have wonderful break. Have Fun!!! Spend time enjoying being together!!!

See you for an exciting, fun filled 2020!

Debbie Marshall

END OF YEAR Prizegiving will be held on Thursday 12th December starting at 6.00pm in the school hall. It is expected that all students will attend as they will all be participating in a item with their team


PTA end of year get together: Informal get together this Friday 13th December at the Country Club after school. Hope to see you there.

Manuka Blend Honey $40 for 1 kilogram:  We still have some Manuka Blend Honey available for sale from the office. Cash or EFTPOS.

Donation to school for hall bathroom upgrade: At the December PTA meeting a donation of $25,000 from the PTA for the school hall toilet upgrade was approved. The upgrade is also being supported by the Dairy Flat Community Trust which is contributing $27,000.

Thank you and farewell: A number of families are leaving the school this year including some key PTA office holders and supporters. We would particularly like to thank Susan Kitchen, our long serving Deputy Chair; Wendy Bremner, former PTA Secretary; and other key supporters of events and fundraising activities: Ruth Amos, Heather Kinnell, Ngaire Thornton, and Hollie and Phil Joss.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holidays!

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