WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! Ag day is a team effort and we need our entire team of parents at Dairy Flat School to make it happen. Yes, Ag Day is a fun day for the kids but it is also a huge fundraiser for our school and this year more than ever we need to raise money to help continue to make improvements. We ask that ALL FAMILES help out on Ag Day by giving up 30 minutes to help on a game/food stall/activity etc. You will have received an email from your child’s teacher asking for your help on a certain roster, it is VITAL that you go back to them with an offer to help. So far, a very small amount of people have offered to help and this is putting a lot of pressure on the team organizing Ag Day. A lack of help from our families impacts on activities on the day so we implore you to be part of our team and spare just 30 minutes. For those of you that have already offered to help, many thanks. Please email [email protected] or text Jen on 021 138 3962 to book your 30 minute helping slot.