Newsflash – General Election Voting on AG Day

A message to Dairy Flat School families
from the Elections Voting Place team:

If you are planning to vote during Ag Day at Dairy Flat School on 17th October, and you are in the “63 Whangaparaoa” electorate your vote will be very quick and very easy.

However, if you are in the “18 Kaipara Ki Mahurangi” electorate, and wanting to vote at Dairy Flat School during Ag Day, you will need to place a SPECIAL VOTE as you are in the neighbouring electorate.
The special vote process does take longer as there is a lot more paperwork involved and you may be queueing for longer and missing Ag Day (just a friendly heads up!!!)
Your electorate details can be found on your Easy Vote card, if you have one.

For all voters in the “18 Kaipara Ki Mahurangi” electorate, advanced voting places are open in your electorate during this week at Huapai St Patricks Church, Kumeu Showgrounds and Kaukapapa Hall. These voting places are also open on Election Day Saturday 17th October (till 7pm).
Additional voting places ONLY open on Election Day include Wainui and Waitoki Schools (till 7pm) if you prefer to vote after Ag Day and closer to home.
Please go to website for more information.
Have a great Ag Day!