School Bus Information


The Ministry of Education provides free bus transport on defined bus routes for children aged 5—9 years living at least 3.2 kms from school and for children aged 10 plus years living at least 4.8 kms from school.

Please meet your child off the bus each day, if no one is at the stop your child will be brought back to school and you will be asked to collect them.  It is possible that your child may have to be transported 1.6 kms to the nearest school bus stop.  Please check your eligibility at the school office.  Responsible older pupils are asked to be bus wardens.  

It is very important that you notify the school office of any changes to your child’s bus schedule.  If we are not informed this results in buses leaving the school premises late and this can result in further complications.

Unacceptable behaviour on buses will not be tolerated and pupils will lose the privilege of using the buses if behaviour is inappropriate.

Bus Route
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Bus Permission Form
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