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Look at the links provided on the School Blogs. The ideas and links below will be updated regularly. Home Learning TV can be accessed on demand here or via the TVNZ App on a device (mobile phone, smart tv or tablet).

Ideas for Learning at Home. Try these activities with your children. Other links that could be useful
Go for a nature walk Support your child’s learning Years 1-6 PDF’s (Reading, Writing & Mathematics)
Take photos and write about them Mathletics  (email sthompson@dairyflat.school.nz for logins/passwords)  Mathletics – Parent support pack
Do some family exercises together  Studyladder
Write letters, emails to family and friends  Science in a van
  Auckland Museum
Construct using lego, outdoor materials, construction blocks Prototec Basic Facts Maths Practice
Make huts Night Zookeeper  (Writing) Free e-Book  The Giraffes of Whispering Wood
Do some baking Epic (Reading)
Plan the menu with the food available in the cupboard KIWIKIDS NEWS
Board games, puzzles, play cards and build with blocks Handwriting Tutorials
Read songs, waiata, poems and rhymes, have fun together. Sing them together. Number of the Day
Draw IXL – Maths & Literacy
Paint Listen to Reading (Links)
Skype your friends and family Writing Fun
Make some puppets – old socks, tubes of paper or card. Act out the story.  Art Activities
Write out recipes or instructions for other people to follow.  Audible Stories 
Cut out letters from old magazines and newspapers to make messages Vooks Storybooks brought to life
Make up a play, you could write the play down. Use puppets to give the performance to the family. Khan Academy 
Make your own advertising pamphlet – cut out and sort items to go on it. Make your own pretend money. Coding – If you have forgotten or don’t have a login email sthompson@dairyflat.school.nz
Go on a treasure hunt – make a map with clues and see who can get to the treasure first. Scratch Jr (Coding – Free iPad App)
Dance to music and sing, make up a dance sequence, can you copy each other? Scratch (Laptop, chromebook, workstation)
Do timed activities. You hold the watch and count how many times they can bounce a ball in a minute. Colouring and paper craft
Fold and cut paper dolls and other repeating patterns. Make a puzzle online (e.g. you can use Essential Spelling words)
Hide something from each other and draw a map or hide several clues – can you follow the map or clues and find it? Kids Should See this Video site with experiments and a range of videos on interesting topics
Collect the family birthdays and put in order – make a reminder calendar for the year. National Geographic Kids Club
Make kites using a variety of shapes and materials. How high can it fly, how long can it fly for? David Walliams is reading a story each day for children
Frog Hop Number Maze – printables (Juniors)
30 Day LEGO challenge
Ocean Soap Foam
Nano Girl Science Experiments 
Happy Hooligans Science Experiments for Kids
About COVID – 19 for Kids 
Maths with Len’s Gems 
Fractions – models & word problems (seniors)
Brainzy – Education
Kids Art Works
Vocabulary Spelling City  Learning Activities & Games
Where would a Kiwi make its home?
LEARNZ virtual field trips
Autumn Experience – Let’s go leaf hunting.
Merlin’s Education Toolbox
Kiwi Kids News – Level 3&4 (Yrs 5&6) Daily activities
Kiwi Kids News – Bingo Board of awesomeness
Sparklers – at Home
Double digit array multiplication – game
MOTAT fun 
The Olympic Ambassador Programme is online!
89 awesome activities from Independent Schools of Victoria.
Night Zookeeper – write a letter to a Key Worker competition
EPro8 Challenge electronics simulator
Maths – Rapid recall 
Writing – Night Zookeeper’s free resources
Fraction – free downloads
Get ready to speed up those typing skills with this game titled Home Row Typing