Senior Leadership

Left to right: Debbie Marshall (Principal), Robyn Mowat (Team Leader LZ2), Fran Earwaker (Team Leader LZ3), Penny Jefferson (Team Leader LZ1), Susan Thompson (Deputy Principal), Lyndy Committie (Team Leader LZ4)

Senior Leadership

Katie Hills, Susan Thompson

Katie Hills


Susan Thompson

Deputy Principal

LZ 1

Left to right: Fiona Sutherland, Jenny Forlong, Shayne Grice, Kayla Huntingford, Penny Jefferson (Team Leader LZ1)


Penny Jefferson, Jenny Forlong, Kayla Huntingford, Shayne Grice, Fiona Sutherland

Penny Jefferson

Team Leader - LZ1 - Year 5/6

Jenny Forlong

LZ1 - Year 5/6

Kayla Huntingford

LZ1 - Year 4/5

Shayne Grice

LZ1 - Year 6

Fiona Sutherland

LZ1 - Year 5/6

LZ 2

Left to right: Aimee Coombe, Trina Jennings, Robyn Mowat (Team Leader LZ2), Hayley Campbell.


Hayley Campbell, Robyn Mowat, Trina Jennings, Aimee Coombe, Liz Cotter

Hayley Campbell

LZ2 - Year 3/4

Robyn Mowat

Team Leader - LZ2 - Year 3/4

Trina Jennings

LZ2 - Year 3

Aimee Coombe

LZ2 - Year 3/4

Liz Cotter

LZ2 - Year 3/4

LZ 3

LZ3 2021
Left to right: Amy-Lee Gould, Marama Waaka, Fran Earwaker (Team Leader), Julie Atkinson


Fran Earwaker, Marama Waaka, Amy-Lee Gould, Julie Atkinson

Fran Earwaker

Team Leader - LZ3 - Year 2

Marama Waaka

LZ3 - Year 2

Amy-Lee Gould

LZ3 - Year 2

Julie Atkinson

LZ3 - Year 2

LZ 4

Left to right: Jody Costello, Rhonda Blair, Lyndy Committie (Team Leader), Victoria McGowan, Helen Guise


Lyndy Committie, Jody Costello, Victoria McGowan, Rhonda Blair

Lyndy Committie

Team Leader - LZ4 - Year 0/1

Jody Costello

LZ4 - Year 0/1

Victoria McGowan

LZ4 - Year 0/1

Rhonda Blair

LZ4 - Year 0/1

Office Support Staff

Office Staff
Left to right: Paula Lucas (Accounts manager), Jim Meacock (Property Manager), Suzanne Hayward (Office Manager)
Teacher Aides
Left to right: Ngaire Greenhill, Phillippa Simpson (back row), Karen Moss, Sharon Bachir-Brahmi, Vickie McMahon (ESOL), Anthea Read (back row), Debbie Anthony (Quick60)

Support Staff

Paula Lucas, Suzanne Hayward, Jim Meacock, Karen Moss, Vickie McMahon, Debbie Anthony, Ngaire Greenhill, Phillippa Simpson, Sharon Bachir-Brahmi, Anthea Read

Paula Lucas

Accounts Manager

Suzanne Hayward

Office Manager

Jim Meacock

Property Manager

Karen Moss

Teacher Aide, Library and Scholastic Book Club Co-ordinator

Vickie McMahon


Debbie Anthony

Support Staff

Ngaire Greenhill

LZ1 & LZ2 Teacher Aide

Phillippa Simpson

LZ2 Teacher Aide

Sharon Bachir-Brahmi

LZ4 Teacher Aide

Anthea Read

LZ2 - Teacher Aide