Dairy Flat



Reporting to whānau – family


At Dairy Flat School we believe in the importance of the voice of teachers, whānau and learners as partners in learning and the reporting process. 

Timeline for reporting to our whānau

Term 1

  • Meet the Teacher evening.  An opportunity to hear about the classroom programme 
  • Teacher Interviews – opportunity for whānau to make a 10 minute appointment with the teacher to discuss their child.

Term 2

  • Formal end of term report (HERO)

Term 3

  • Optional interview with teacher.  Initiated by teacher or parent/caregiver

Term 4

  • Formal end of term report (HERO)

Throughout the year there are other opportunities to look at learning

  • School Assemblies
  • Art Festival
  • School Production
  • Matariki Festival
  • EOTC experiences (Camp, trips)
  • Whānau celebrations
  • Sporting events (athletics day, cross country etc)

Each teacher and/or whānau will share learning using HERO.  This will be visible in the ‘learning pages’ under each child

Whānau may request a meeting with the teacher or other staff members by emailing the staff member or office to make an appointment.

We have an open door policy and welcome all.

We believe that information should be current, accurate and informative to whānau and that it should form a part of the learning process for our children.