We use OfficeMax as they contribute back to our school.  You are of course welcome to purchase your stationery from any location convenient for you. Please reuse any stationery, unused books, book bag, folders, etc from this year – only purchase from the list what you have not got 

Please note, the school does not sell stationery.

Term 1 is a sun hat term – please ensure your child brings their school uniform hat to school each day – this is the yellow bucket hat (we also suggest bringing togs, towel and a plastic bag every day, for any class time swims).


2022 Kotare Whanau- Year 4-6 – Rooms 9 Fiona Sutherland,15 Jenny Forlong,16 Cameron Leader & 17 Kayla Huntingford

Kotare Team Stationery List.pdf

2022 Tui Whanau – Year 3-4 – Rooms 11 Hayley Campbell,12 Robyn Mowatt,13 Victoria McGowan & 14 Aimee Coombe

Tui Team Stationery List.pdf

2022 Kereru Whanau – Year 2-3- Rooms 1 Aimee-Lee Gould, & 10 Trina Jennings

Kereru Team Stationery List Rooms 18 & 19.pdf

2022 Kereru Whanau – Year 1-2- Rooms 2 Fran Earwaker & 3 Ma Waaka

Kereru Team Stationery List Rooms 2 & 3.pdf

2022 Kea Whanau – Year 1 –  Rooms 4 Jody Costello,6 Lyndy Committee,& 7 Rhonda Blair

Kea Team Stationery List.pdf