Dairy Flat




Welcome to the Library!


This year Aimee Coombe and Sharon Bachir-Brahmi are managing the Dairy Flat School Library. Alongside some awesome student librarians and parent help.


Contact either of us – our email addresses are acoombe@dairyflat.school.nz / sbachir@dairyflat.school.nz 


We are passionate about making our lovely school library an inclusive, innovative and flexible place for students to enjoy our amazing selection of books.


Our library

Library opportunities for our students


Each class has a scheduled library visit each week and tamariki have the choice to visit the library during nearly every lunchtime too.


Kōtare whānau may borrow up to 3 books at a time

Tūī whānau may borrow up to 2 books at a time

Kererū and Kea whānau may borrow 1 book at a time

Students in Year 5 have the opportunity to become Student Librarians. Being a Student Librarian means helping to run the library at lunchtime.