To all the parents, caregivers and students of our Dairy Flat School Community


Today is the last day of the school holidays. You will have heard a lot of information on the various media sites recently about the next step in the lockdown and when schools will possibly open. This decision is still pending. We have been told that schools may possibly open on the 29th April but only for SOME students. There has been no definite instruction to principals yet. Following the cabinet meeting on the 20th April, clearer guidelines will be given to all of us about exactly how we will proceed after the end of the lockdown. Please be assured that I will publish this as soon as the Ministry of Education direction arrives in my in-box. 

Meanwhile the critical consideration remains that you keep yourself and your loved ones safe and well. Look after your mental health. Reach out if you need help. We have digital freedom to talk to each other.  The most precious things we can give our loved ones is time. Have fun, talk, do things together. Set up online meet ups with your friends and family not in isolation with you. Take time each day for yourself. Get exercise and fresh air. Keep smiling!


If you know of anyone struggling to afford groceries or are in self isolation with no access to other support networks can you please tell them to get in contact with the Auckland Emergency Management team on 0800 22 22 96 between 7am and 7pm, seven days a week. Anyone who meets the eligibility criteria will be couriered a welfare parcel containing items such as dry goods like pasta and rice, tinned vegetables and meats, and basic toiletries. This service is up and running and here to help.


Students are not expected to complete all learning tasks. Our students’ and their familiy’s safety, health and well being is our priority. The teachers have set up learning activities and suggestions for our students. These are there to provide support for families. We do not have the expectation that your child completes any of the suggested activities. They are not compulsory. They are provided for you should you wish to use the resourses for learning at home. Reading to your child, gardening, Art, building, playing games, constructing, and cooking together are all valuable learning opportunities.  Focus on having fun.

Our learning at home can be accessed on the website at   Students in LZ1 and LZ2 can access their individual and group learning tasks through their gmail accounts. Teachers will be emailing out instructions. Students in LZ3 and LZ4 can access learning through the blogs, dojos and teacher emails.

  • Timetabled class meets are; 
    • LZ2 -9am
    • LZ3 9:30am, 
    • LZ1 –  10am, 
    • LZ4 10:30am

If students can read, do some writing and finish a maths problem each school day, that would be fantastic but don’t get stressed if this is not possible for you. There are lots of links on our learning at home site and activities you can do without access to a device. A new educational television channel is also starting tomorrow – TV2+1

Devices and/or learning packs will be sent to families who have indicated they need them.  Emails were sent to families and the ministry have now closed this register. All devices sent remain the property of the school. 

You can contact your child’s teacher or myself  at any time with questions or requests. 

We can’t wait to see you all back at school after this is over. 

Be Kind to each other

Stay Safe 

Have fun 

Debbie Marshall