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Dropping children at school in the mornings
We have noticed that a worrying number of children are being dropped off at school before or around 7.30am.  The school site is not open at this time except for children attending before school care – APLus.  If you are unable to drop your children at school after 8.00am, please note when the school opens, then would you please book them into APlus.

APlus – 09 443 5386 or 0800 423 400

Students may not be on site until after 8.00am


Due to the poor weather forcast for tomorrow this event will now be held on Thursday 15th April
This event is to be held at school

Picnic Fun Day
Students need to wear their house colour (if you are unsure please check with your child’s teacher), they will need to bring a drink bottle, a hat and $2 for the day (this is not required if the activity fee has been paid).  Children will also need some spending money for the sausage sizzle the PTA stall, the Peer Mediators will also be running a cupcake stall.


We need parent/guardian helpers at the pop-up tuck shop at lunchtime. If you can help please come and find the team. We will be selling ice blocks, chips, cookies, juice boxes and other treats. Be sure to send your children along with some coins to enjoy a treat.

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