COVID-19 is keeping us very busy with the necessity to continue to make changes.  Thank you for your patience and continued support.  The MOE has enabled each school to plan what is best for their staff, students and community and below is our organisation.

  • All students are welcome to come back to school starting Wednesday 17th November
    • Parents/Caregivers can make the choice of how many days of the week their children will return to school or stay at home to continue online learning.  Please do not let the child decide.
  • No children at school if they are unwell.  We will send children home with a sniffle, cough or cold.
  • Online learning will continue if staying at home 
  • Packs are available Wednesday 17th, Monday 22nd, 29th November, Monday 6th December
  • Drop off times  8.30 – 9.00am  NO earlier
    • Parents please stay in your car.  Teachers will be at the gate collecting your children
  • NO parents/caregivers ONSITE at any time during the day
  • Buses are running normal routes and times



  • Pick up times


    • LZ4 and families 2.30pm
    • LZ3 2.45pm
    • LZ2 and 1 and Bus 2.55pm

PLEASE STAY in your car and come at the allocated time to stop congestion.  Do not come earlier and park


  • No before and after school care available.  A+ will not be operating
  • Pool is closed.
  • Library is open for a couple more weeks so books will be available to borrow
  • No Music/Thinking Caps or other groups operating from school
  • All events are postponed or cancelled, (will communicate graduation, prize giving later in the term)
  • Children will stay with their class.  Approximately 80% of students are returning to school.  Each learning zone has their own area to play and learn.  No mixing of learning zones.
  • MASKS must be worn by LZ1 children.  No Mask, no school
  • Masks are optional for children in LZ2,3 and 4.  We will support your child if you require them to wear a mask.
  • Children may bring a scooter, skateboard or roller skates/blades to school to use as long as they also bring a helmet.  No sharing.  Please label everything.  Please note it is not possible if your child is using the bus.
  • Children who are coming back to school need to bring back school devices if they borrowed one from school.
  • Learning at school
    • FOCUS – Reconnecting with others, developing a love for learning, learning through play, relating to others, problem solving.  HAVING FUN!! 

What can you do to prepare your children for the return to school?


All of us will be experiencing a level of worry during these uncertain times and it is normal for children to experience a range of feelings. Children often show signs of struggle through their behaviour and again this is normal and expected. 


Use metaphor to explain social distancing and staying at home. Children can be taught how to be social butterflies, keeping a distance of two wingspans from others when on walks in the neighbourhood and back at school. 

School closures can be likened to hibernating like a winter animal. If you have access to them, read hibernation stories, for example, Frederick by Leo Lionni.

Grow gratitude with a daily gratitude practice. Share together what you are grateful for or keep a diary of gratitude. 

Talk about people, places, and situations you each appreciate, supporting your child in expressing their thanks, for example, writing a letter to our essential workers or others in the community.

Spot fake news by discussing where to get information about COVID-19, determine reliable sources of information and discuss critical thinking skills. 

Help your child turn anxiety into action. Develop limits together on exposure to media and conversations about COVID-19. Share your strategies with your child and explore together which COVID-19 conversations are helpful. 

Learn together about how to wash hands effectively. Useful resources include Nanogirl discussing how to teach handwashing ( and the UNICEF global handwashing dance ( 825gGELjB98). Involve children in developing plans for effective and fun hand hygiene at home. 

Learn the phrase: He waka eke noa – we’re all in this together. 


If your child is experiencing significant anxiety or distress during school closures, see these resources for additional guidance and support. 


If you have questions or concerns, you can contact me, your child’s teacher or the school office.  

My email address is: 

Ngā mihi nui

Katie Hills 


Kia hikaka, kia māia, kia pono te ngakau. 

Learning together to create a better tomorrow