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One day to go!!!!!

We are super excited to have our students back at school tomorrow.  

Some final points:

  • Please let the teachers know if your child(ren) are not coming in on days they were supposed to.
  • Masks are optional for years 1-3.  LZ2 is optional as they are composite year 3 and 4. 

LZ1  mask wearing is compulsory, including the year 4 students. No mask, No school 

  • No adults onsite.  If you do need to come to the office please ring first  09 415 9071


  • Drop off zone/pick up zone is extended all the way along the front of the office.  Please do not park, wait or get out of your car.
  • Buses are normal times.  Masks are optional
  • DROP off time  8.30-9.00amNo earlier
  • Video of pick up and drop of routine 
  • Map of pick up and drop off 
  • Pick up times – No need to get out of your car
    • LZ4 and family groups 2.30pm
    • LZ3 2.45pm
    • LZ2 and LZ1 and Bus 2.55pm
  • We promise we will do our best to keep everyone safe at school 
  • We can do this when our community promises not to send any children to school who show symptoms of covid.
  • Let’s work together to make the end of 2021 a fun filled time.
  • More information available here from MOE

If you have questions or concerns, you can contact me, your child’s teacher or the school office.  

My email address is: 

Ngā mihi nui

Katie Hills 


   Kia hikaka, kia māia, kia pono te ngakau

Learning together to create a better tomorrow

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